Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Currency Collage

This project was so much fun to work on.  I have recently found the artist Joey Colombo and loved his work, he does collages using currency from the US and other countries.  So for our project I thought we would use him as our example, along with the artist Mark Wagner. I enlarged dollar bills in the copy machine to about 150 and printed mostly $1, I also had my students bring in money from other countries and we used those as well.  Students used scissors and glue to create their collage.  After they had finished at least one I showed them how to enlarge and shrink on the copier as well.  I feel that having different sizes of money let the students have fun with this project.  Here is a link to my Pinterest page with EXAMPLES

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Again I am trying to catch up on some posting this year, and I have few examples left of projects that have been done.
This one was where we took an object from a magazine and sketched it out and then drew a streak in it and then colored the streak and used grey scale for the rest.
Sorry for just 2 examples.

Aj Fosik

It has been quite a while since the school year started so I am trying to get back on track with posting.  This was a project that we did based off the artist AJ Fosik.  Students created each of these from just cardboard and hot glue.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Chuck Close Finger Print portraits

 This is a project I did with my 8th grade art club.  We looked at Chuck Close portraits especially his finger print ones.  I let them take a photo of them selves and we printed them out for reference.  This was done on 18x24 paper, and I am super proud of the way they turned out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Nonrepresentational Sculpture

For this project I was able to receive some plastic scraps from the Paducah School of Art.  The school uses sheets of plastic in their sculpture studio and cut out shapes for their projects, these are the scraps.   To introduce this project I talked to the students about Nonrepresentational sculpture and showed them pictures of other works.  We talked about not trying to make these look like anything particular, more just building based off the shapes they find.  Then I talked about finding the negative shapes, we could see a lot of what was cut out, but we needed to focus on what was still there.   I gave demonstrations on glue guns and how to correctly balance the work.  We had 14 or so glue guns plugged in, and students worked the whole 40 min without stopping.  This was the most engaging project that I have ever done, no discipline, no interruptions, not even problems with glue guns, students came in every day ready and wanting to work.  They also had to make more than one.
Once they were done we used sharpies and highlighted the edges to help add emphasis on certain areas. Then to photograph them I lit them up on an old projector and they looked like glass. They did looked amazing with a light, but it was hard to photograph how awesome these turned out. I cant wait to do this again next year.

Thursday, March 24, 2016


This is a new project I did with my 2nd grade. We did a follow along drawing on the board, then the students filled the dog and background with patterns with markers.  The next classes we began our painting with water on them. Finally we outlined them with sharpie. This took about 3 days to do. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Great Wave

This is a project I recently did with the 5th grade class. I have started working with Artist Studies in some of my upper elementary classes.   I started with a power point about the 36 prints of Mt. Fuji and we discussed the Great Wave.  From there we I did a group sketch with the printed picture next to them. We talked about what to draw first second and third.  Once they had their sketch done we outlined the ocean with blue and decorated the sky(their choice) and we used water on marker to get the desired effect.  Once it was all dry we outlined in Sharpie.